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Globally disruptive green hydrogen technology

Our mission

Sparc Hydrogen is developing next generation green hydrogen production technology using a process known as photocatalytic water splitting (PWS). This process is an alternative to producing green hydrogen via electrolysis, using only sunlight, water and a photocatalyst.

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Disruptive green hydrogen technology

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World leading partners in green hydrogen technology

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More flexible and scalable with less infrastructure

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Targeting industry leading low cost hydrogen production

Sparc Hydrogen's unique approach to photocatalytic water splitting

Sparc Hydrogen’s patent pending solar reactor has the potential to improve the efficiency of PWS to obtain hydrogen from water. Given lower infrastructure requirements and energy use the ‘Sparc Green Hydrogen’ process has the potential to deliver a cost advantage over electrolysis along with being more flexible and scalable.

Our partners

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Being developed by a team of experts
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Sparc Hydrogen

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