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What is Photocatalytic Water Splitting (PWS)

Photocatalytic water splitting is an alternative method of producing renewable green hydrogen.

It is often referred to as direct solar to hydrogen technology as it avoids the need to convert solar energy into electricity to split water via electrolysis.

In photocatalysis, the suns energy incident on a highly specialised photocatalyst forms reactive sites which triggers the dissociation of water into hydrogen and oxygen.

Photocatalytic water splitting has been known about in scientific circles for more than 50 years.

Sparc Hydrogen is pioneering reactor technology with the aim of commercialising PWS for the production of green hydrogen at large scale.

Sparc Hydrogen's unique approach

Sparc Hydrogen’s patent pending solar reactor is demonstrated to improve the efficiency of PWS to obtain hydrogen from water. Given lower infrastructure requirements and energy use the ‘Sparc Green Hydrogen’ process has the potential to deliver a cost advantage over electrolysis along with being more flexible and scalable.
photocatalytic water splitting process
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What makes our technology different?

Sparc Hydrogen’s patent pending solar reactor is one of the only known technologies globally combining concentrated solar with photocatalytic water splitting.

Advantages include:
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reduced photocatalyst use

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modular design

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higher solar-to-hydrogen efficiencies

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excess heat can be captured and used

Development pathway

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Sparc Hydrogen JV established in Q1 2022

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Preliminary TEA confirms commercial potential in Q4 2022

green hydrogen reactor launch

Development of solar reactor prototype for on-sun testing in 2023

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Pilot plant construction and operation in 2024

technological readiness

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