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Sparc Hydrogen Unveils the Future of Green Hydrogen: PWS Project Update 2024

Watch our latest video showcasing the successful completion of the first phase of prototype on-sun testing at CSIRO Energy Centre in Newcastle, NSW.

Highlighting Dr. Greg Metha, lead researcher at Sparc Hydrogen, who describes how in conjunction with the CSIRO, Sparc Hydrogen is demonstrating how concentrated solar photocatalytic water splitting (PWS) as an alternative method for producing green hydrogen at industrial scale. 

Testing achievements:

  • Advanced TRL from 4 to 5, a leap forward in sustainable hydrogen production.

  • Trial runs produced hydrogen gas, highlighting PWS reactor efficacy.

Thanks to CSIRO Kick-Start Program and our project partners Sparc Technologies (ASX:SPN), Fortescue, University of Adelaide and Flinders University for their on-going support as we gear up for next phase of testing.


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