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Sparc Hydrogen explains solar catalytic water splitting - AuManufacturing

Green hydrogen technology developer Sparc Hydrogen has released a video (below) detailing their work with CSIRO demonstrating the company’s novel process of concentrated solar photocatalytic water splitting (PWS) as an alternative method for producing green hydrogen at industrial scale.

Lead researcher at the company Professor Greg Metha said: “Photocatalysis uses the Sun’s energy incident on a highly specialised photocatalyst to convert water into hydrogen and oxygen.

“Photocatalysis is often referred to as a direct solar to hydrogen technology, as it obviates the need to produce electricity to split water via electrolysis.”

Sparc Hydrogen, a joint venture of listed Sparc Technologies, Fortescue Future Industries, Flunders University and the University of Adelaide, has tested its catalyst process at the CSIRO Energy Centre in Newcastle, New South Wales.

“This is world leading testing, which allows us to vary solar concentration and temperature at different times of the day whilst measuring hydrogen production rates at industrial scale.”

*Sparc Hydrogen did not write this article. You can find the original article here:


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